Sharp-SQL Server

Sharp-SQL is a free relational DBMS for the .NET platform. It can be run on every system with a .NET framework because it does not use any native code. This means it can run on Windows and systems with Mono. Also on the new SharpOS should it be run. It is completely written in C#.

Sharp-SQL is Open Source and license under the GNU GPL v3  with Classpath Linking Exception for Libraries.

If you want write an application for multiple OS then you can write it in Java or for the .NET. If your application should be completely platform independent then all part must be platform independent. If your application need a database then also this database should be platform independent.

Sharp-SQL Client

For compatibly reasons it emulate a MS SQL Server. This means the existing MS SQL Server driver can be used to connect to the Sharp-SQL Server. Existing applications need not be changed.

Compatibly means:

Compatibly does not means: